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Privacy policy

Personal data that we collect

Optionally, we collect profiles of the owners of projects published to BioSimulations and simulation tools published to BioSimulators. This includes their name, institution, website, email, social profiles (e.g., ORCID), brief biography, and head shot. Optionally, we also collect email addresses from users of runBioSimulations. In addition, we collect standard information about user behavior, such as the operating system and browser used to access our websites and the dates and times that users visited our websites.

How we use personal data

We use the author profiles to publicly credit authors for their projects and simulation tools. We use the email addresses to notify users when their simulations have completed and are ready for analysis. We use the user behavior data to help improve the functionality of BioSimulations and BioSimulators for the scientific community. This includes helping us better understand the needs of users.

How we collect personal data

After logging in, authors will be able to edit their profile using our online form. Users can optionally provide their email addresses when they submit simulations through the simulation submission form or API endpoint. We use performance cookies and Google Analytics to collect data about user behavior. We do not use tracking cookies.

How we store personal data

The author profiles and user email addresses are stored in our MongoDB database hosted by MongoDB Atlas. We use Google Analytics to store the user behavior data. Personal data will not be transferred to international organizations.

How long we keep personal data

This personal data will be stored as long as BioSimulations and BioSimulators are live.

Who has access to this personal data

The author profiles are publicly accessible. The email addresses and user behavior data are only accessible to the lead developers. We may also make information about the total volume of usage of particular simulation projects and simulation tools available to the public and third party users and organizations who supply the projects and tools without details of any individual's use.

Your rights regarding your personal data

You have the right to view, edit, or delete your author profile at any time. Because we do not store identifying user behavior data, we cannot provide information about the user behavior data processed about you.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Jonathan Karr and Ion Moraru at or at 263 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, CT 06030-6406, USA.

Last update: 2022-07-03